Visions Merit 2021
Nora Longing Award
Keep Rockland Beautiful 2021

2021 Keep Rockland Beautiful

Pearl River Food Drive 2020

2020 Food Drive

Pearl River Food Drive 2020 2

Pearl River Food Drive

Trick or Trot Poster 2020
trick or trot Oct 2020

Halloween Virtual Race

Trick or Trot 2020

Trick or Trot 2020

Helping Hands Thank You
Meals on wheels 2020 thank you
Guiding Eyes 2019 Lions day

Guiding Eyes 2019 Lions Day

70th Anniversary Celebration

70th Anniversary Celebrartion

Melvin Jones Fellow Award

Melvin Jones Fellow Award

MaryAnne Award

Distinguished Service Award

Ralph Service Award

2019 Service Award

2018 Legacy photo

2018 Membership

UN Day

Pearl River Delegation, Lions Day at the UN

Gentle Giant open mike

Open Mike Fundraiser

Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

Open Mike

Open Mike Fundraiser

Lions See Group

Lions See Group, Screening for young children

Pearl River Library Donation

Donation to the Pearl River Library to assist the visually impared

Yard Sale Fundraiser

Yard Sale Fundraiser

Food Drive

Annual Food Drive in Pearl River

Pearl River Day

Lions Club at Pearl River Day

Pearl River Day

Lions Members at Pearl River Day

Pearl River Cleanup 1

Pearl River Cleanup Day

Pearl River Cleanup 2

Pearl River Cleanup Day

VCB Workday

Lions Workday at Visions Camp for the Visually Impaired

VCB Workday 2021b

2021 Sensory Garden

community garden

Lions Workday at the Community Garden supporting food pantries

ARC Holiday Party

Lions hosted ARC Annual Holiday Party

ARC Holiday Party recipients

Lions hosted annual ARC Holiday Party

Jack Burns Way

Dedication of Jack Burns Way in Pearl River